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Icon restaurant

Responsive website with wordpress cms system.

Hotel Lövér

Hotel Lövér's new, responsive and user-friendly website.


Responsive website

The new, responsive website new, responsive website...

Spirit Hotel new mobile version

Spirit Hotel new mobile version...


GastroGuide website update

Empire Zahnklinik

Empire Clinic responsive webpage... 

Danubius Hotel Regents Park Blog

Danubius Hotel Regents Park Blog...

Pest-Buda Bistro&Hotel

We have prepared the Pest-Buda Bistro&Hotel website. Explore the new website, we welcome you with love. View website >> 


We have prepared GastroGuide website. View website >>

London Blog

We have prepared the London Blog website. Explore London with Danubius Hotel Regents Park. View website >>

Spirit Hotel website renewed

We have renewed the website of Spirit Hotel in Sárvár. The website got a fully new design and new functionalities.  View website >>

Opera Cafe website

We have prepared the wordpress based website of Oper Cafe…. View website >>

Travel magazine in wordpress

Wordpress based travel magazine, where visitors can read articles about different travel topics... View website >>

Responsive website of MKA Brugge

We have prepared the responsive version of the MKA website. View website >>

Danubius gift card and voucher webshop

We prepared the gift card and gift voucher webshop of Danubius Hotels with online payment OTP Bank. View website >>

Aqua World Resort mobile website

We have prepared the mobile website of Aqua World Resort, where you can get the most important information of the resort optiized for mobile devices. View website >>

Tiszakécske Spa Website

The new  website of  Tiszakécske Spa was launched with a new design, a new CMS and new functionalites. View website >>

Aqua World Resort online webshop

We prepared the Aquaworld's online gift voucher webshop with CIB Bank online payment system, Where visitors can buy tickets, vouchers and spa packages online. View website >>

Busexpress new webpage

We prepared the new webpage of Busexpress transfer company with a new transfer booking system with instant confirmation. View website >>

Hotel Kapitány website renewed

We have renewed the website of Hotel Kapitány in Sümeg. The website got a fully new design and new functionalities.  View website >>

Aquaworld Resort website renewed

We have renewed the website of the Aqua World Resort, fully renewing the design and functionalities. The former 3 websites (hotel, aqua world, oriental spa) were merged into one website under the new brand name Aqua World Resort.  V...

Avita Resort Advent Calendar application

We have developed the Advent Calendar facebook application for Avita Resort. By registration visitors can win daily prizes. View applikation >>

Premier Fitness Slovakia

We have developed the website of the Premier Fitness clubs in Slovakia. The website is similar in design and content to the Hungarian website. View website >>

Soundproof doors website

We have developed the soundproof doors website. View website >> &nbs...

Hotel zenit Balaton new website

We have developed the website of the Hotel Zenit Balaton in Vonyarcvashegy, that was renewed in deisgn and functionality. The website get all basic hotel specific  functionalities, online room reservation, gift card webshop and mobile version of the website.

New website for Barack Hotel Tiszakécske

The new  website of  Barack Hotel Tiszakécske was launched with a new design, a new CMS and new functionalites.

MKA Brugge website

We prepared the new website of the Department of cranio-maxillo-facial surgery in Az Sint Jan hospital Bruges.

Premier Fitness page renewed

We have renewed the website of Premier Fitness Clubs with new functions and design. View website>>

Saliris Resort online booking function

The online booking function is available on the Hungarian page of Saliris Resort. The online booking module of the Hosware PMS is integrated into the website. Visitors can see real time availability and prices and can book their room directly into the PMS.

Flamingo Hotel oline gift voucher system

We have refreshed the online gift voucher function of the Flamingo Hotel. Beside the fixed value voucher, users are able to buy specialized vouchers as well by selecting room type, period, number of nights, adults and children. Also they can add extra services to their purchase. Visitors can b...

Spirit Hotel online gift voucher development

We have further developed the gift voucher system of the Spirit Hotel, in which visitors can purchase extra services to their gift voucher packages.

Radisson Blu Béke Hotel newsletter

We have prepared the newsletter template and contact landing page of the Radisson Blu Béke Hotel. The template was created according to the international standards of Radisson Blu.

Mobile website of Saliris Resort launched

We have launched the mobile version of the Saliris Resort in Hungarian. The mobile website offers smaller content with optimized appearance on mobile phones. Functions available: contact, map, gallery, packages, hotel information and spa information.

New website of Castle Sumeg

We have rebuilt the website of Sumeg Castle in new CMS, with new design and functions. View this website>>

Danubius Hotels website renewed

We have relaunched the new website of Danubius Hotels, with fully restructered, new design and functions. View this website >>

Hotel Lövér photo competition

We have launched the photo competition website of Hotel Lövér, on which you can win a weekend stay by uploading a photo from Sopron. View this website >>

Mobile website of Danubius Hotels

The mobile optimised website of Danubius Hotels was launched. Both the content and functionality were developed according to mobile platform specialities. The hotels can be booked online, information, images, map and phone number are available.

U-power safety shoes

We prepared the website for U-power safety shoes, where visitors can find detailed information, images and pdf info material about the products. View this website >>

Flamingo Hotel Balatonfüred

Our company was selected to renew the website of Flamingo Hotel in Balatonfüred. The new, 7-language website was built on our CMS system with a fully renewed design. View this website >>

Alfapont Language School

We have renewed the website of Alfapont Language School. The structure, the design and the functionalities has been developed. View this website >>

New Year's Eve in Hilton Hotel

We have renewed the New Year's Eve promotional website of Hilton Hotel Budapest, where visitros find all details about the programs. View this website >>

New page for Saliris Resort

We renewed the website of Saliris Resort with a trendy design and operation. View this website >>  

New website for Oriental Spa

The website of the 3. product of Ramada Resort, the Oriental Spa wellnes center, was also renewed, harmonized with the websites of the complex. The website got easy-to-use admin functionalities as well. View this website ...

New Aqua World website launched

We finished the renewal process of the website of Aqua World and published it with a new design a many new admin functionalities. View this website >>

Widgets, games, applications

Newest games, widgets and applications: Danubius Hotel Gellért - Gellért Mix facebook game application: The fans of Gellért could register in the apllication and by uploading a photo, they could win 2 Gellért Mix entry, that includes entry to the bath and a 3-cours...

Spirit Hotel mobile website

We finished the preparation of the mobile website of Spirit Hotel, offering a harmonized design, but with less content and functionality. Functions avaiable: online booking, packages, treatments, picture gallery, map. ...

7Seasons Apartments relaunch of website

The website of 7Seasons Apartments was relaunched in a very specialized new design, with newly structured content and  up-to-date functionalities. View this website >>

Hotel pre and post stay e-mails

For the Danubius Hotels we have prepared an automated system to handle pre and post stay e-mails. Pre-stay e-mails 3 days before arrival: reservation information, program offers, gastronomy offers, map and route planner, weather ...
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Tiszaparti fürdő responsive

Responsive website

Hotel Lövér

Hotel Lövér's new, responsive and user-friendly website.

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